Website updates

In this barren wasteland, devoid (for now) of any useful content, a few maintenance updates happened.

External resources

The footer notice about this website not tracking its visitors is wrong. While I don’t do any tracking myself, save from server logs, the third-parties serving my static assets do. So instead of coming clean about this in the footer, I decided to bring home all the assets.

  • Fonts. After I unsuccesfully tried (well into the night) to figure out how to host Google Fonts, I nearly avoided a stroke by bumping into google-fonts-web-helper. This made the whole process painless and I now serve the fonts myself.

  • Stylesheets. normalize.css now lives here as well along with Font Awesome glyphs.

  • Images. My profile picture has been loading off Github for years, but no more.

Other changes

  • I’ve toyed around a bit with margins, padding and font sizes, making discrete changes that, I think, make for a slightly better reading experience.
  • A way to publish my photos is also in the works.